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Radu Dobra


  Radu Dobra || Live Sound Reinforcement Specialists UK


VENUE 110V: Live Sound Production I focuses on the essential skills required to operate a VENUE system in a live sound environment. This course covers system operation using both the VENUE D-Show software and a VENUE control surface.
This course is designed for live sound students and engineers who have limited experience using a VENUE system. The course requires a basic knowledge of live sound principles. Advanced students and working professionals may want to combine this course with VENUE 210V.




  • The VENUE concept — The VENUE product line and design goals, differences
  • between analog and digital console architecture, components of a VENUE system

  • D-Show control software — Software functions; using the software in stand-alone
  • mode; the D-Show user interface; system configuration; using busses; saving,
  • loading, and transferring Show files

  • Control surface overview — Differences between the D-Show, Profile,and
  • SC48 control surfaces; input channel controls and encoders; Assignable Channel
  • Section controls; the SC48 Flex Channel; output section controls;
  • master and global controls

  • Built-in effects processing — Dynamics processing (compressor/limiter,
  • expander/gate, settings and presets), standard EQ processing (EQs for inputs,
  • graphic EQs for outputs, settings and presets), signal routing through
  • on-board processing (changing the processing order, bypassing effects with
  • Input Direct, using multi-select)


  • TDM plug-ins and VENUE — Overview of included plug-ins, installing plug-ins,
  • plug-in rack overview, assigning and routing plug-ins, controlling and adjusting
  • plug-in parameters, saving and loading plug-in presets

  • Mixing with VENUE — Configuring busses for mixing (main bus configuration,
  • center divergence, aux/group bus configuration); using groups; using aux busses;
  • using mute groups; talkback, 2-track, and oscillator controls


  • Matrix Mixers — Matrix mixer overview, configuring user inputs for a matrix mixer,
  • working with matrix input channels (routing inputs, enabling input channels,
  • copying/resetting/clearing mixes), routing and adjusting matrix outputs

  • VENUE and Pro Tools LE — Overview of the VENUE-to-Pro Tools connection,
  • interface options, recording a show to Pro Tools LE, playing back tracks from
  • Pro Tools (supplemental playback and virtual soundcheck)


Course Length
16 to 24 course hours.
Pro Tools 101: Introduction to Pro Tools (recommended)
Pro Tools 110: Essentials of Pro Tools (recommended)


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