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Radu Dobra


  Radu Dobra || Live Sound Reinforcement Specialists UK


›I’ve learned a lot in just 5 days of Venue 210 training at Alchemea College - from putting the system together to tips and tricks and mixing techniques you can use to create a great mix with Venue. Our instructor Radu was great and he would clearly explain topics I couldn’t understand as a rookie in live sound.‹

Aldis Petersons – Certified Venue Operator – Alchemea College 2010

›The Venue training was very intense, but as the course progresses, things get easier to understand, and you learn more about how to use the Venue system. Our Digidesign instructor Radu was very professional, had a solid foundation and knowledge base, with good teaching skills. I’m very glad the 110 V introductory level course was introduced for the new 2.8 version of the Venue curriculum. If you are an engineer who is transitioning from analogue to digital, the Venue training is the one for you - the learning curve is steep, but it gets easier!‹

Anthony Philip – Certified Venue Operator – Alchemea College 2010

›I did have a really good time learning about the Venue system with Radu. It was simple to understand how to use it, and also the lessons were very comfortable. It is worth doing this course because Venue is a really good system to work with, and it makes your audio dealings much easier than other bigger consoles. Radu knows how to use the system and he gives you all his best to show it to you. After the course you feel great when you see that you can work with Venue in an easy way!‹

Miguel Guirao Fernandez – Certified Venue Operator – Alchemea College 2010

›I'm really glad to have taken the Digidesign Venue Training, I now know exactly what the Venue system is capable of and have a firm understanding of how to get the best out of it in the numerous applications that it was designed to be used in. It was great to be taught by a professional who relies on the Venue day to day to provide excellent live shows, and who knows every corner of the desk like the back of his hand. The Venue system is becoming more and more popular in live sound, so if you want to know how some of the best engineers in the business are working, take this course.‹

David Fernyhough – Certified Venue Operator – Alchemea College 2009



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